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Euphoria rules!

Posted by m a r i n e on July 12, 2013 at 8:40 PM Comments comments (670)

When playing Euphoria or using the forums we assume you have read these rules and agree to them.


Breaking any of these rule can possible disable your account permanently.





Rule #1: Scamming

Any form of scamming is forbidden and will result in a ban, dependent on the severity of the rule broken. Types of scamming include: trade or duel scams, password scams, account scams, mass price manipulation, 'money doubling' scams and E-mail scams.You can and will be banned if proven guilty to breaking any of these rules. The length of your infraction is dependent on how large/how many times the scam has been done.


Rule #2: Flame.

Mild flame is acceptable, however it is up to our staff to decide where the line should be drawn.

Extreme cases of flame will result in a mute with a length of 2 days.


Rule #3: Spamming/auto talkers.

We allow players to use auto talkers on Euphoria, however the message timer must be no shorter than 7 seconds. This does not apply to populated areas such as home. Although there is no set limit for how often you can talk over yell, a moderator may ask you to slow down if they feel that you are overusing it. Note that spamming even if you aren't using an auto-typer to do it is still against the rules, and every staff member reserves the right to tell you to slow down.


Rule #4: Advertising.

We do not condone advertising any non-Euphoria related websites/servers/links in any form whatsoever. Players caught doing so will be promptly removed from the game.


Rule #5: Trolling.

We allow trolling, as long as it is done in a light-hearted, non-offensive manner.


Rule #6: Racism & bullying.

Neither racism or bullying will be tolerated on Euphoria, regardless of whether it was meant to be offensive or not. This offence might result in a permanent mute and a possible ban.


Rule #7: Staff impersonation.

Anybody caught claiming to be a member of staff, threatening to do something that only a staff member can do, or creating account(s) with similar names to a member of staff's account will be punished, and risks facing a MAC ban.


Rule #8: Muling.

Muling is putting high-priced items on an a low level account with almost none to less then 20 hours played, just to keep from getting autobanned, caught scamming, or any other way of avoiding the system. The account will automatically be banned if found. It makes unneeded accounts for almost no reason, and takes up memory for the server. Don't do it, you will lose your items on the mule account if caught doing this.


Rule #9: Black Market

Black Market is selling your Euphoria goods for RSGP, IRL Cash, or other Non-related to Euphoria. This also means that you cannot sell a Euphoria account to another player, that is considered illegal and WILL RESULT PERMANENT BAN OF THE ACCOUNT. Any RSGP sales, Account sales, or IRL Cash sales that are used for in-game content will be considered Black Market and will be dealt with accordingly.


Rule #10: Bug Abuse

Bug abuse will not be tolerated in any form no matter how simple. Players caught abusing bugs/glitches will be BANNED; major bug abuse will result in a permanent ban and smaller forms of bug abuse will result in short term bans with lengths decided upon by the staff member who fills out the infraction.


Rule #11 : Botting/Auto-clicking

We have a new system to track down players that use such forms of macro programs, the offense will lead to BAN infraction.

We will not tolerate any usage of Auto-clicker/ghost mouse/Bot to run the game play even if the player is NOT AFK. Any account found to be botting will be permanently banned along with any account that items have been transferred to. Also, by finding a botting account, Euphoria staff have every right to investigate that player further through an account lookup to determine if said player has other botting accounts.


Rule #12: Buying/Selling Accounts

Buying, selling, sharing and trading Euphoria accounts in any fashion is NOT allowed.

This is due to the fact that it is simply too easy for players to recover the accounts back. Also, by changing the passwords on a newly acquired account that has somebody else email registered to it you run the risk of having your other accounts hacked(not going into detail). Anyone caught buying, selling, or trading Euphoria accounts will result in the punishment of their main account(upwards of a 2 week ban) and the account being traded will be permanently banned.


Rule #13 Ddosing/Ip Distributing, Hacking.

We have a strong policy when it comes to Ddosing other players or distributing other players Ip addresses. If you are caught distributing players or staff members Ip addresses or hitting them offline for any reason, you WILL be permanently banned from Euphoria. We take Ddosing as a serious offense and if you are affiliated in any way with Ddosing or Ip distributing, the consequences are very severe and we do not add a credit fine to the infraction for it. This also goes for hacking as we have a strong policy for that as well and the consequences are the same as Ddosing. The staff member is also allowed to ban you on multiple accounts at his own decision. Ddosing and Hacking are also illegal actions, legal action may be taken against you if we have sufficient proof of you doing these acts.


Rule #14 Account sharing

Sharing your account (in-game or on forums) is NOT allowed. Doing so will result in a permanent ban from Euphoria. Sharing accounts gives you an unfair advantage over other players (cheating).


Rule #15 AFK training

Splashing, using a bot can lead to a 2 day to permanent ban from Euphoria Using third-party software (bots, autoclickers,...) give you an unfair advantage over other players which is something that we will NEVER allow.


Rule #16 Demote/Resign Rule

This rule is for future and current staff members. They apply for in-game and forums.

Once a staff member resigns or is demoted he/she has NO chance to come back into the staff team unless it is under very special circumstances. Euphoria isn't a doormat that you can walk over, we are a professional team of volunteers.



Rule #17 Nex Minions/Boss

If you're attacking a Nex minions with the sole intentions to annoy an individual, you will be banned for bug abusing/trolling. The ban lengths can vary from 2-7 days. Boosting your kill count, and or using a familiar at the official Nex boss will also result in the same ban length as abusing the nex minions.


Rule #18 Ragging

Ragging is no longer a rule. Nothing will take action if you report someone for ragging.


Rule #19 Ddosing, and Blackmarket [Updated]

If there are claims of someone ddosing, and or black-marketing, please contact a staff member. Contacting any lower ranking playingf will just slow down the justice system as we will have to redirect your report to a higher ranked staff member. Black-marketing any amount of gp over 500m cash, and or items will result in a perm ban of the account. If you try to transfer items to another account, you will be perm banned on that account as well.


Rule #20 Luring

Luring IS legal. All reports against it will be disregarded.


Rule #21 Item Transferring

If you were to bot, and or scam items, then trade them to another account, we will ban any account of yours those items were to be traded too for as long as the set time for the offence you committed. For example: If you have an account you scammed items from, and traded them to your main account, you will be banned on the sending account, and the receiving account. We consider this ban evading, and you will not get away with it.





Rule #1. Flaming

Small amounts of flame are acceptable. There's a fine line when flame becomes offensive, and that's when the staff team will act accordingly. Infractions all the way up to post banning if the rule is broken according to how severe the flame is.


Rule #2. Advertising

Advertising any other server and\or unsafe website (this goes for IP grabbing, and Phishing) via public forums or forum pm is strictly prohibited. Doing so will lead to an immediate forum ban.



Rule #3. Misposting

Misposting is something that can be easily avoided. Read the topic title when entering the thread, and if there are sub threads, read those as well. They were put on the forums to keep it clean, please keep it that way. Avoiding this rule will result in a initial warning, followed by an infraction if said person keeps doing it.


Rule #4. Spam Posting\Double Posting

Spam posting and double posting are essentially the same thing. Explanation of Spam Posting is going around different (if not the same) section(s) on forums and posting unneeded, useless, or irrelevant things on said sections. I.E: Posting on this topic and saying "Nice pair of shoes." It has absolutely no relevance to the topic, and just makes the forums look trashy. Double Posting is where you post something, and immediately post something again right after it so you have two posts right next to each other. The rule on this is so that people don't just spam for post count, or spam to be ignorant. Not following these rules will result in an initial warning. If the person proceeds, the person will be handed an infraction. It will then be put toward the staff members judgement what to do after an infraction is handed out.


Rule #5. Hanging Quotes

Hanging quotes are essentially quoting someone and just posting it. It looks trashy on the forums, and it only results in spam posting (read rule 5.) If you have nothing relevant to say toward the topic, just don't post. Initial warning will be handed out via warn bar for first time offenders, secondary offenders will be handed in infraction.


Rule #6. Quitting Threads

We have decided that quitting threads are allowed but in the correct section and fashion. If you are leaving Euphoria, players should (if you feel the need) make a quitting thread in the "Goodbye" section of forums. With this being said, if a staff member resigns or decides to leave Euphoria, they are allowed to use the "moderator announcement" section of forums..


Rule #7. Faking Evidence

Any form of faking evidence can and will result in a warning.


Rule #8. Inappropriate Content

We have younger players on the forums and in-game. We do not need any type of inappropriate content, posting any may result in a permanent ban on forums and in-game.


Rule #9. Thread Hijacking

For example: Player X made a thread where he's selling votes for a certain price, and you come to HIS thread, and post that YOU are selling votes for a lower price.

That is strictly forbidden and can result in a warning.


Rule #10 At Player Topics.

You may not direct threads towards players (this includes content of the thread).

The only time @threads are allowed:


Complimenting towards a player (Compliments section is recommended)

Negative thread towards player or staff (Rants section is a must for players)

Thread is directed toward staff for the purpose of asking a question or clarifying a rule\statement

Thread contains a picture with player's username blocked out (if the picture is demeaning)

Thread contains a neutral picture or idea


Threads that do not fit into the above categories will be closed and may result in a warning.


Rule #11 Gravedigging

Posting on a thread that is at least 2 weeks old is seen as spamming and can result in awarning.


Rule #12 Clan Aggravation on the Forums

An extension to Rule #11, topics or posts posted anywhere on the forums, specifically the Clan Discussion Board, that contain any type of clan-to-clan aggravation will not be tolerated. Any type of arguing or nasty comments made towards another player or clan in general will be removed from the forums and the poster will receive a 2 day-1 week+ restriction from accessing the forums. If you continue to post on other forums accounts following punishment you risk being punished in-game on your main account. If you do not like it, do not use the forums for discussing clan matters.