**This is the donating page, anything you get can not be refunded, if you try to refund any items that you have paid for, you will be banned from the forum's and server. Thank you for donating.**

When donating please add your login name in the Add Special Instructions-if you do not do this, you will not receive your ingame purchase.

 ($6) Donator Status in Game:

  • Access to DZ
  • Ability to use ::bank
  • Ability to use ::yell
  • Ability to use ::title [sets from over 100+ titles]
  • Exclusive stores only available to Donators
  • Other things coming soon!

($5) Completionist Cape Requirements:

  • For players who are unable to finish the tasks of the compltionist cape after maxing this is the best method
  • Fight Caves - keep firecape
  • Fight Kiln - keep kiln
  • Queen Black Dragon - rewards will be banked
  • Nomad

*Only the Owner (Andre) will play on your account and will contact you in the live game after donating for a time to be arranged when the tasks will be done.*

  • Click donate to have your Hunter, and Farming set to level 98. This is not applicable to other skills. ($4)

($3) 1000m in game coins:

  • 1bill (1000m) can be spawned on/traded to your character
  • Helpful when low on cash
  • Always wanted that full torva? Now you can afford a set!

Random Donations can be placed in the button under this message: